James Hunter

Sunday, September 30, 2012

RowStat, Android App Development & Services

One of our purposes was to develop business opportunities designing and developing Android apps for other companies. This was based on the original concept that the Android based smart phones offered an advanced development environment (Eclipse), an advanced battery powered platform with a reasonably powerful CPU, adequate memory (RAM and Non-volatile) and extensive communications and sensors. 

Our relationship with The Vectis Group and the OaRATER was a very good fit as a "demonstration of capabilities", developing the basic features and functions and enhancing them, on a smart phone platform.

Android offers gigabytes of storage allowing the data of hundreds of races to be saved on a phone. The problem was the phone isn't an ideal place to archive data, analyse data and display more than a small part of the data.  The communication capabilities offered several ways to upload as email attachments, direct data transmission to Google Drive and Dropbox. This provides storage and archiving, GDrive also provides a spreadsheet to allow analysis and graphing of the data.

One of the first issues raised was cell phones don't work well wet!  I got a double seal plastic food bag, put my phone into it, sealed it and dropped my phone into a sink full of water........(actually it wasn't a sink, but I did flush it first)..............  Pulled out the phone went back to my computer and our discussion on Skype and showed the others that the phone worked and the touch screen worked through the plastic bag.

***We take no responsibility or extend any kind of warranty if you attempt this! We recommend you purchase water proof phone cover/case, from a company offering this product, several are available tested to 100 feet depth.  If you test the depth you have other issues than a wet smart phone.***